Zoe Lace Open Crotch Zipper Bodysuit


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Judging by the look on her face, she’s a naughty naughty , but she wasn’t always like that 😜.
. . . . .
She used to hide from the crowd and couldn’t shop without looking around. She feared people would talk about her ‘uncurvy’ curve and decided it was time to stop.
. . . . .
Zoe decided to take matters in her hands and to finally take a stand. She wanted to be more confident, wanted to get a smoother figure when she wore a dress. Zoe wanted it all!!! The harmonizing body shape, the firm butt and hips, the smooth waist, the lifted boobs, she wanted to let the world know she wasn’t invisible.
. . . . .
Naughty Zoe!!! She was in for a treat. After she bought her Lace Open Crotch Zipper Bodysuit – probably from us 😏 – she realized she had made the beat decision of a lifetime.
You too can be like Zoe 😘. Get our #New Zoe Lace Open Crotch Zipper Bodysuit. It comes in different sizes ranging from S – 3XL. Watch in wonder as you reduce your sizes until you get to a size Small 😘💖.

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