Alexandra 3D Print High Waist Tech Leggings.


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When sexiness meets effectiveness you have yourself a Alexandra 3D Print High Waist Tech Leggings.⠀

If your yoga pants aren’t doing it for you – or even if you “believe” they are, here are all the reasons why this new and improved Sheila Leggings needs to be your go-to pants.⠀

■ Naturally lifts the hips through its imputed Techknowledge⠀
■ Compresses, shapes and lifts in all the right places⠀
■ Strengthens the Abdomen by giving it a firm grip⠀
■ Naturally extends 300% and can fit any size….but can beautifully hug your body into form as your size drops overtime⠀
■ 100% breathable fabric⠀

This is the perfect Techy Leggings solution to gain your Butt lift, Flat tummy and nicely formed hips.

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